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Stresa, CR Leader's Favorites Style
Military/Covert/CyberOps only
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Programer's Tournament

Basic requirements: 50% programs and programers and no Special HQ's

All programs must be able to be run to count toward the the 50% limit
All assets denoted as 'programmer' must be able to run a least 1 program
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Military/Covert/CyberOps only

Basic requirements: all nonbase cards must use or consume X resource
X is either Military,COvert or CyberOps
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Scheduled Tourneys
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Covert Tourney - Friday, Janurary 22, 1999
1st - Tigger
2nd - Nosferatu
3rd - Elriche
4th - Burnin'Alive
5th - Maliu

Interview with Tigger
Tigger's Deck

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