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Elements in the Dream
A conversion beween me and ManA-Wor

manA-wor: let me start with Earth...
You Say: I have a few for Earth-Ward
manA-wor: hmm.. ok
manA-wor: ok...  let me start with earth.. i have to think a little.  qualities that are shared between Earth, the GateKeeper, and WillPower.  Clearly one is strength... the ability to hold...
You Say: like Ward
manA-wor: like Ward
manA-wor: if you want to use an art for an example..
manA-wor: another is a mind over matter power...   Will power, the ability to control...
manA-wor: an example in their arts would be resist fear or Free Action
manA-wor: a 3rd characteristic is the power to protect.    Earth can withstand any punishment.. as the GK protects his home.  Protection is a GK art.

You Say: next air
manA-wor: moving on to Air, Insight, Dreamseers...
You Say: I was thinking about vision
manA-wor nods...
manA-wor: the power to perceive... Air is all encompassing, it gets in where nothing else can to see what is inside... as Insight penetrates to see what others can not.
You Say: i don't know the arts well enough to come up with these examples
manA-wor: well you see, it's not all about particular arts.
manA-wor: you can see evidence of the characteristics in the arts...
manA-wor: but the characteristics are what the dreamseer *is*.  They are about the elements which make a dreamseer and the characteristics of the cooresponding elements in the waking world.
Phoenix Hawk nods
think about Air and Insight... what they are.. how they relate to each other... and then you can see how those qualities relate to a dreamseer. the easiest for me to do this with is soulmaster because that's what I am...I have to really think hard to come up with all the qualities of air and insight and relate those to the Dreamseer.
What other qualities does air have?
manA-Wor: Air is intangible... you can't really see it or touch it or explain it... but it is everywhere and a part of everything.  much as Insight is an intangible element...  I can feel the strenght of willpower... the fire of lucidity... and the healing life bringing forces of Resillience, but Insight is much more illusive.
You Say: evelopeing
manA-wor: this is evident in the arts of chamele and invisibility
manA-wor: which make you one with the air...
You Say: air is eveloping
manA-wor nods
You Say: like chamele
manA-wor: and finally.. while we are looking at the more peaceful characteristics of air... when air becomes turbulent it can bring greate damage as well... much as insight wrought to destroy can be a force to be reckoned with...
You Say: blast
manA-wor: as seen by blast
manA-wor smiles
manA-wor: exactly

You Say: for fire I think of forge
manA-wor nods...
You Say: like iron ore into iron
manA-wor: Yes... fire can make the hardest substance like iron maliable so it can be shaped and formed... manA-wor: the main thing that I see about Lucidity... is that it tends to use chaos to make order..  as Fire is a very chaotic element in the waking world...  but it purifies all it touches.  sometimes that purification is painful or destructive...  but nevertheless. the Fatesender likewise uses Chaos to bring about Order.
this is what has earned them the title of prankster of the dram... FateSender arts are all arts like Deafen, Paralyze, Stagger...  arts that affect our abilities to control ourselves as we wish.
You Say: like fate
You Say: trail is lucidity
21:31:29: manA-wor: let me think...
21:31:43: manA-wor: ok, characteristics. first of all they have the ability to reduce something to their purest form through chaos... example in the arts is firestorm.  2nd is that fire and lucidity both have the ability and power of alteration... for example Trail (which alters our perception of where we have been) and  Blind (which alters our vision)
manA-wor: hmm... manA-wor thinks about another characteristic shared by fire and lucidity

You Say: now what about resilience
manA-wor: ok.
manA-wor: resillience... real element is water
You Say: restore
 manA-wor: resillience brings life in the dream, as water brings life in the waking world Resillience and Water both share the life giving qualities.
manA-wor: as is evident in restore and many healing Soulmaster arts.
manA-wor: however, too much water can drown you... and as a master of essences, the soulmaster has the power to destroy as well..
manA-wor: this is evident in arts like poison and curse...
manA-wor: a 3rd characteristic of water and resillience is the ability to cleanse.   The soulmaster can cleanse your avatar in a sense...
manA-wor: as seen by the art of abjure... or purify
You Say: now on to Spirit
manA-wor: I believe that the spirit in the waking world is what gives our bodies true life... allows them to exist as sentient beings. the same is true in the dream... when we lose our dreamsoul we collapse unto ourselves  and our soul is exposed to the forces of the dream without the avatar's protection. another shared quality is that in the waking world, our spirit binds our bodies and our minds into one being together.  in the dream, DreamSoul is the binding element. it binds our avatars to our souls. have any thoughts on this?
You Say: PUSH
manA-wor: why do you suppose that no dreamer can have a focus of DreamSoul?
You Say: because it is everywhere and nowhere
manA-wor smiles
manA-wor: but what does that mean?
You Say: like God!
manA-wor: yes...
manA-wor: I think that if you look at all of the dreamsoul arts...
You Say: if they had DS focus they would not need avatars
manA-wor: what you will see is that they are not physical arts nor are they mental arts, but some kind of combination of both.
You Say: like push
manA-Wor: we cannot exist without our soulsphere... and we cannot affect the dream without our avatar.
manA-wor: We need the Dreamsoul to bind them, but we cannot focus on it...
manA-wor: this is really the hardest to explain in my opinion.
You Say: because if we focus on it it dissappers!
manA-wor: that is correct.
Chaos calls out to you 78
manA-wor: you said before that it was like God...
manA-wor: both everywhere ane nowhere...
manA-wor: perhaps a dreamer with the focus of dreamsoul would in fact be God.  I don't know, but it's something to ponder.  You Say: not god but a God like figure
 manA-wor: perhaps, but it's possible that only God himself even has teh ability to have a focus of dreamsoul.
You Say: What about example
manA-wor: Recall
manA-wor: transfers our body and mind, and rebinds them in a sanctuary upon collapse.
manA-wor: nightmare form... allows me to transfer my mind and soul into a different avatar all together....
(manA-Wor uses NMF)
manA-wor smiles and flaps his wings
You Say: Manaphant
Phoenix Hawk smiles
manA-wor: i'm teaching Phoenix what i know about the elements :)
manA-wor: I'm finding DreamSoul the hardest to explain.
manA-wor: wanna try?
Cianne: well..what have you told him so far?
manA-wor: well we've been talking mostly about how both Spirit and Dreamsoul are binding forces.
manA-wor: they bind our bodies to our minds in the waking world...
Cianne nods
manA-wor: and our soul to our avatar in the dream.
Cianne: yes, that pretty much explains it
manA-wor: Ci, why do you think no dreamer can have a focus of dreamsoul?
manA-wor: that's another thing we discussed a little
Cianne: a focus of dreamsoul?? well because, dreamsoul is everyones "life source" so to speak
Cianne: hard to explain
Cianne thinks
You Say: because if we focus on it it dissappers!
manA-wor: Dreamsoul is everywhere and nowhere...
Cianne: ok , analogy..........
Cianne: like you say a cat has 9 lives
Cianne chuckles
Cianne: we have our dreamsoul
Cianne: yes? no? maybe so?
Cianne chuckles
manA-wor smiles
manA-wor: I was thinking this Ci..
Cianne listens
You Say: I was thinking about God
manA-wor: dreamsoul is everywhere and nowhere according to it's poem...
manA-wor: of everything and nothing..
manA-wor: like God :)
Cianne nods
manA-wor: and I think perhaps God is the one being with a focus of dreamsoul.
manA-wor: no avatar... no soulsphere, only dreamsoul.
manA-wor: everywehre and nowhere.