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Abhorrent One by Rift

Lurking about the corners, hiding, alone.
Someone nobody really wanted to know.
He was contrary, questioning, frequently pissed.
Always defensive, never well received.

A point he made daily was lost in the noise.
Always shouting in an empty room.
Someone once talked to him from miles away.
No one ever figured out what he meant, one ever cared.

I stayed with him once for a week or two; I lurked about.
He was shouting and shooting and chasing around.
Eventually I figured out he was right.
There was a bit of truth in each word he shouted or shot about.

We had all missed an idea that he had raged over.
Ok, so he had a thought of mares and Dreamers.
He was right that we knew nothing of either.
But collapse new Dreamers for any mistake?

Oh wait now what was his point?
He said that the mares needed to be studied.
I guess he meant alive, I preferred them dead.
His thought was to learn best from a living beast.

After a few months I started to see he was nuts and real smart.
I followed him around and learned about traps and tricks with the Beast.
Funny me, I used them to better collapse and stay safe :)
Eventually, we all called it cheating and stop using his arts.

Just I as I figured him out I noticed he was no where around.
Damn guy now had become a fuzz ball.
I just had him figured and now what was this?
He said we knew nothing of Dreamers and Souls.

Never did figure that one out.
Just watched that fuzz float about.

Thinking of Boggen and wish he were here.