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A Young Woman Learns to Dream by PuppetStone

    I recall as a child hearing the stories of the great "Dream City," and believing them only to be a product of escapist imagination. I had my own means of escaping the world, mind you... I had a difference of opinion with my parents on the best way to treat a growing child.
    Often, I would leave the well traveled roads of my home town Ootberry, and wander off into the woods to find solace in nature. Ootberry is a large and bustling place, and did not well suit my temperament. I far preferred the company of the trees, the birds, and the small woodland creatures who curiously came to investigate my afternoon visitations to their home.

    One day I wandered a little further than usual. It was then I first saw the quaint town of Yakibar Yonder, surrounded by verdant rolling hills, and the sweetest air you ever did taste. Compared to home, this place was quite tranquil, and seemed to beckon to me. I paid a very long visit on that day... I never returned to Ootberry; I had found a new home.

    I took up the trade of nursing in Yakibar, and served at the small hospital there for about a year. Then I was called upon to serve as personal in-home nurse for one of the most respected town elders, who had suffered a terrible accident. His name is Sky Saw. The request came from one of Sky Saw's students, Ianiae, who had met me at the hospital some months earlier for a broken wrist she had suffered.

    Ianiae began telling me about the Dream City, and renewed an interest in me. She told me how she had learned to dream through artificial means, as a result of Sky Saw's studies. She urged me to try the chemical vapors that had brought her into that strange land, and I agreed to be her test subject. It took several weeks, but one day it suddenly happened... I was dreaming. I did not tell Ianiae at first, preferring to surprise her. I still remember the look on her face when she bumped into me in threshold that one evening. It was priceless! Ianiae can be very convincing, and it wasn't long before she had set my sights directly on joining her at the Order of the Sable Moon. Here, I have found another home, and a loving family.

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