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Arkhann and the Chaos Rock
posted to the pidegon list by Kosmo

Hello family. Tonight we were visted by the dreamer who first brought the curse
of the chaos rock to our house. Imprisioned in our Santuary many a chaos related
incident have been tied to this item, including Higi's problems with Blaaagg.
Well he told us to protect it back then, this time his message is quite
different and a bit alarming. Here it is for those who were not present.

Arkhann stumbles in, collapsing at the base of the stairs, clothes tatered and soiled, his coherence fading visiably

Kosmo frowns knowing the name well

Arkhann lifts his head in barely audiable whisper

shine looks at Arkhann

indigo sky: what happened Ark?

Kosmo: Arkhann, we have met before, what can i help you with

Arkhann: The Rock...they come for it.......

Kosmo frowns

Arkhann eyes glass over seemingly oblivious to his surroundings

Kosmo glances at the house then back to Arkhann

Torizar: What does that mean ?

Kosmo: Who comes?

Arkhann: it...can not...stay.......death shall..follow it...

Arkhann: the shadow comes......

Kosmo: What do you speak of, the chaos rock?

Arkhann shriekes in pain as his coherence fails and his soul is torn from the dream

I sure hope he can make it back, to give us something better to go on. For now,everyone should stay on their toes.